Soy Luz

Who We Are Who We Are Who We Are

“Soy Luz is a motto, a Sankalpa, an intention to walk this path we call life".

As we live day by day, we find ourselves involved in many different scenarios. We get used to a daily routine which determines in certain ways our mood, health and even our happiness. Most of us find ourselves immersed in the same circle without realizing all the beauty around us. Sometimes we focus on the darkness in everything, we let our mind play games with us. Then we tend to lose clarity and we become anxious, negative and even depressed about our own existence.   “Luz” the Spanish word for Light refers to our own light, the fire within us. “Soy Luz”, I am light!

A traveler, a walker of this beautiful path we call ‘life’. The path led me here!  

I am Luz, a warrior of light. Once upon a time, I was a school teacher. For many years my path only consisted of living in a classroom, attending meetings, planning classes, and grading papers. but one day it all changed. It stopped feeding my spirit and making my heart smile!

Health concerns and a lifestyle highlighted by the meaningless routine made everything look dull and hopeless. In 2018, Yoga reignited the fire in my heart and lit the path for new challenges, teachings, and adventures. Crystals decorated the road and Reiki opened the door to spirituality. But this was just the beginning… Shamanism brought me back to my essence! Trained by Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and an excellent team of teachers at the Four Winds society has made me not only an energy healing practitioner but also allowed me to rediscover who I want to become, who I really am. I am a Shaman!

Soy Luz Soy Luz Soy Luz