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Prana Shunya Yoga

Prana Shunya Yoga is a series of practices that help you reconnect with your body in its four rooms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our practices and techniques focus on three pillars: (1) Asana (physical), (2) Pranayama (breathing), and (3) Shunyata (emptiness).

Don’t you get the feeling you can never catch up with the speed of life itself?

You work hard and try to do everything you are asked for and then you find yourself overstressed, fatigued, exhausted and sometimes sick. In  this busy lifestyle we tend to forget the most important rule, “we need to take care of ourselves first”. Our sessions will guide you into learning and experiencing your body at different levels. Following a series of asanas will help stretch and relax your body (physical). Practicing different breathing techniques to help our lungs detox and cleanse (pranayama), Quieting our thoughts and relaxing our mind through meditation, emptying our mind and reaching states of oneness with the universe (Shunyata). 

We invite you and encourage you to release all the heaviness, cleanse, reconnect to your essence, and embody the amazing power of feeling whole again!

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Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that uses our own body’s natural healing forces to clear the built-up toxicity. Reiki is now recommended by thousands of doctors as a complementary therapy after surgery, cancer treatments among other health scenarios. By receiving the Japanese art of Reiki you will experience less anxiety, lower levels of stress, pain relief, inner peace, balance, and so much more.

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Shamanic Healing Practices

As a Shamanic practitioner, in Soy Luz we offer healing techniques that work directly on the luminous body field (LEF). Our luminous body stores imprints that may harm us at different levels: physical, emotional, mentally and spiritual. 

We offer Shamanic healing practices such as Decoupling, Illumination, Extraction, and Soul Retrieval among other techniques that will help you reconnect to Spirit and heal.

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Space clearing

Are you moving to a new house or starting a new business? Has your land or garden stopped being productive? If you feel the space is heavy and things don’t turn out the way you planned, then you might need to clear the space and purify it. An offering might be needed to bring light to the space. We offer space clearings to restore the balance in your house, office or business.

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