Soy Luz

Meditation: is it really necessary?

Meditation is an art that requires commitment, discipline, a humble heart and willingness to go deep and further. This spiritual practice is constantly misunderstood; some of us out there picture it as a buddhist monk sitting cross-legged in silence or chanting. Others see it as an evil practice that involves summoning spirits or even witchcraft. The truth is Meditation is an ancient practice that frees our mind from all the clutter we pick up from our daily life. We are natural story tellers and our mind piles up these stories to the point we don’t get a moment of pause and silence in between thoughts. 

Think of your mind as the blue sky we look at on a daily basis. The more we attach to the stories we create or the ones we get involved in, the more clouds the sky gets. The sky of our mind gets so cluttered that these clouds turn gray color and then it affects our bodies physically and emotionally. One of the first symptoms of a cluttered mind is stress and this is just the beginning of a plethora of other ailments such as anxiety, panic attacks, migraines, stomach issues due to anxiety, skin rashes, sore muscles and the list goes on.

Meditation is not only necessary but it is a key element we all should embrace. As we grow into this art of quieting our mind, we start seeing and feeling its benefits. We get to FOCUS in a way we never thought it could be possible. We start to say no to the repetitive patterns and stop repeating the same stories as we are looking at our world from a different PERSPECTIVE. We learn to PAUSE and value our silence as well as our voice. 

Are you ready to get into the Art of Meditation?